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Teeth Whitening Kit - Ultimate

Ultimate - Teeth Whitening Kit

It contains everything you need to get the absolute best teeth whitening results. You will not find products that give you better results than Ultimate teeth whitening kit does, it really has it all! This package includes all of our various teeth whitening products, and therefore gives you an unbeatable performance, at an unbeatable price! You save more than 20% when buying this package!

Ultimate teeth whitening kit includes:

1pcs Teeth Whitening Pen

1pcs Blue Light ™ - Plasma Light

1pcs Teeth Whitening Mouth Spray

1pcs Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

1pcs Shade guide

How to use:

For 14 days, first use the Whitening Pen along with the Blue Light ™ - Plasma Light to get good teeth whitening results. In the meantime and after this 14-day period, use teeth whitening toothpaste and the teeth whitening mouth spray to keep your teeth white for a long time after your treatment.

Finally, measure how many shades whiter your teeth are using the shade guide.